Alice in Chains are in the studio working on their sixth album. In a new interview, bassist Mike Inez revealed that they just started creating the follow-up to 2013's The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

Inez was speaking with Framus and Warwick basses and, towards the end of the video above, he said (via Alternative Nation), "Today I’m leaving this studio, and I’m going to another studio, and I’m going to make a bunch of racket. We’re hard at work, we’re always doing something, it’s just what we do, we play, usually everything else will come together. We used to worry about a label, management, the band has turned into, it’s a business, and there’s a lot going on business [wise]. When we go into these studios, this is kind of like our clubhouse, this is the place that we go. We try not to make this business, this is fun."

"We try to make our work environment fun for each other," he continued. "Being in the studio for 20 hours a day isn’t fun, but it’s a great job. We try to make that our clubhouse, and separate it from the business. We’re still in that playing in the sandbox, for this new record anyways, we’re still getting together in the same city, plugging in the same room. Today is actually our first day, and I’m already late, because I’m here talking to you, so it shows you how professional we still are.”

When it arrives, it will be the third record by Alice in Chains since they revived themselves with new frontman William DuVall in 2006.

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