AlunaGeorge producer George Reid never seems to stop name-dropping Timbaland, the Neptunes or Lil Wayne, but he hasn't always been headphones-deep in U.S. hip-hop. A former guitarist in the somewhat obscure British math-pop band Colour, he brings that genre's meticulous attention to detail to his new band's minimalist sound -- but it's also clear he's not afraid of silence. “It’s so easy to get lost in software, you get to a point where so many noises might be carrying the song, rather than the song carrying everything else," he told the London Evening Standard last fall. "So that’s my excuse for having nothing in there.”

That approach can be heard clearly in new tune 'Diver,' a track off the up-and-coming duo's forthcoming debut LP, 'Body Music.' The album isn't due out until June, but that gives us plenty of time to absorb the barren-but-smooth slant of 'Diver' -- and whatever other tracks are likely to seep out in the coming months.