Like carnivals aren't creepy enough without one of TV's creepiest shows getting in on the action. A writer for 'American Horror Story' has revealed that the series' fourth season will be set at, gulp, a carnival.

In a recent Nerdist podcast, Douglas Petrie, a screenwriter for 'American Horror Story: Coven,' said that the fourth season of the popular supernatural series will be a real carnival of horrors when it returns in the fall. Just as long as there aren't any Pennywise-like clowns, we're fine with that.

In the podcast, Petrie was convinced to admit the premise of the fourth season, since rumors have been circulating online for a while now. Prior to Petrie's reluctant admission, there had already been a bunch of unofficial art designs and promotional pictures made by fans advertising 'American Horror Story: Circus,' which has not been formally announced as the fourth season's official title.

Petrie confirmed the fourth season's carnival premise by saying, "Yes, it does have a title .... but that is the idea. That's very roughly the idea."

'American Horror Story' will return to FX just as Guillermo Del Toro's modern vampire tale 'The Strain' wraps up its 13-episode run. And with 'The Walking Dead' most likely returning around Halloween, it looks like real horror will be running almost year round in some way, shape or form (in the form of vampires, ghosts and zombies) on our TVs.

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