Andy Williams, who died today at 84, is perhaps best known for his version of the Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini classic 'Moon River.' In honor of the late crooner, we look at five other versions of the tune performed by indie and alt-rock stars of today. From Morrissey to the Killers and beyond, check out these updated takes on 'Moon River.

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    The Killers

    The anthemic Sin City rockers don't glam up the tune at all, instead turning in a surprisingly straightforward version, with guitarist Dave Keuning and singer Brandon Flowers playing it close to the vest.

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    Glasvegas give 'Moon River' a space-rock makeover, with little more than blissed-out guitar effects providing the backing for singer James Allan. The Scottish indie quartet then use the song as a segue into their own tune 'Euphoria, Take My Hand.'

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    R.E.M. tacked on a cover of 'Moon River' to the end of their 'Life's Rich Pageant' album, and this old-school live clip (Michael Stipe has hair!) shows Stipe turning in an a cappella performance with harmonies provided by drummer Bill Berry.

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    The former Smiths singer shows his dynamic range with this rendition, which could easily stand next to any version sung by the classic American crooners of yesteryear.

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    Josh Ritter

    Singer-songwriter Josh Ritter offers up a short, sweet and endearingly earnest rendition on acoustic guitar during an in-studio radio performance in Salt Lake City, Utah.