With its shimmering guitars and breezy vocal melodies, 'Where the Heart Is' would be the perfect addition to any summer morning music playlist. The track comes courtesy of Animal Parts, a Toronto-based quintet lead by vocalist/guitarist Joshua Cockerill, a guy with a singing voice perfectly suited for the group's blend of indie-pop and folk.

'Where the Heart Is' appears on Animal Parts' recently released EP 'Six Arms to Hold You,' and as Cockerill told SPIN, he wrote the song "near the end of a multiple-month long solo tour, where I almost fell through the floor from loneliness to find me the comfort of knowing I was soon going home. The song, and the record as a whole, reflects on places where life has once been, now left empty, and my attempt at putting it back where it belongs."

Diffuser.fm is pleased to present the exclusive premiere of Animal Parts' video for 'Where the Heart Is.' Directed by Brian Cruz and Wojtek Arciszewski, the nostalgic clip is the perfect companion to the melancholic song.