Eddie Argos has never been worried about looking uncool. Since forming Art Brut in 2003 -- an event he geekishly chronicles on the tune 'We Formed a Band' -- he's penned four albums of self-skewering songs about heartbreak, sexual dysfunction and his love of comic books, among other embarrassing subjects. Here, Argos does his version of Eddie Cochran's '50s teen anthem 'Summertime Blues,' which he even quotes. Like the kid in that rockabilly classic, Argos is stuck with a crummy seasonal gig that's eating up his nights and weekends. "Can't remember the last time I saw my friends," he complains, speak-singing with his typical blend of bemusement and self-pity. The solution, he suggests, is finding another job, but let's face it, that one'll probably suck, too.

Listen to Art Brut's 'Summer Job'