The Avett Brothers, the folksy North Carolina collective, are back with the new song, 'Live and Die,' from their upcoming album 'The Carpenter,' which is due to drop on Sept. 11.

The tune begins in a pretty, but lilting fashion, starting out softly and slowly, with a contemplative air, but it soon escalates in tempo, pacing and energy. However, there is one constant and it's the crisp and clean production. The song lacks some of the grit that fans have come to know, love and expect from the Bros. Avett. But the track makes it mark and is undoubtedly and undeniably memorable.

Overall, 'Live and Die' is slice-of-life and it's also roadside rootsy, with a banjo being featured prominently in both the mix and the melody. It gives the song a decidedly Americana feel.

The lyrics tell their story with sharp and smart phrasing, such as "Live like a pharaoh, seem like a sparrow," peppering the lyrics. If you tend to spend time with song lyrics, these words will reel you in and have you thinking about their meaning. And really,what lyricist doesn't want that? The chorus "You and I / We're the same / Live and die / We're the same" is one of those toe-tappable, catchy moments that just sticks. You won't be able to purge it and will find yourself humming the melody long after the final note fades.

'Live and Die' certainly reminds one of the storytelling prowess and the masterful playing of Colin Meloy and The Decemberists. All in all, this unexpectedly upbeat tune is an exercise in excellent songcraft, courtesy of the Avett Brothers.

Listen to the Avett Brothers 'Live and Die'