When the Avett Brothers sat down with Diffuser.fm at this past weekend's Mountain Jam festival, the rain was falling hard, and the mud was starting to flow. Hence our icebreaker: "Do you feel you're a better rainy- or sunny-day act?" The North Carolina group had never heard that question, and after giving it a thoughtful answer, the fellas went on to discuss past Mountain Jams, their devoted fan base and the family dynamics that allow brothers Scott and Seth Avett to play music together without coming to blows.

The Avetts also touched on the "neo-folk thing" and put the movement in perspective, explaining why, even though they've been around for a decade and released seven albums, they're part of a much longer tradition that goes back to Hank Williams. They even find time to chat about chicken cheddar biscuits. Check it out below!

Watch the Avett Brothers Chat With Diffuser.fm at Mountain Jam 2013

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