Live music photography can be a challenge. Concert photographers are tasked with capturing compelling images under mentally strenuous situations, difficult technical setups that can easily change from song to song and the standard rules of first three songs, no flash. The general basics of photography are thrown out the window, and survival of the fittest kicks in while concert photographers learn to quickly adapt to the movement of the artists and the ever-changing lighting, all while respecting the paying ticket holders.

Mix all of those elements with trying to capture a moment in time that will share the experience of a live show in one shot, and the challenge is on. However, the thrill of capturing that one moment is enough to keep many concert photographers going back for more, time after time, in the elusive search for the perfect live shot.

Here are 25 of our favorite concert photos taken over the last few years by one of our own photographers, Mary Ouellette. From seasoned vets like U2 to up and comers like Kimbra, this collection runs the gamut.