A year after offering a digital download of a vintage concert, the B-52's are putting out a physical product of it. Next Friday (Aug. 5) will see the CD release of Live 8.24.1979.

The group announced it on their Facebook page and clicking the link to the label, Real Gone Music, reveals that the CD will have rare photos and liner notes by Jason Gross, complete with new quotes from the band. The concert took place at the Berklee Center in Boston at a crucial moment for the band when they hadn't really perfected their stage presentation.

“We opened up for the Talking Heads just six weeks after our first record was released,” they said. “We were a little scared of the audience so we kept our heads down and focused — and we danced like mad when there was a break! Ricky [Wilson] was so fierce on the guitar — so intense — it was all so raw and live and we loved it.”

Although they only had one record to their name, only five of the nine songs they performed that night -- "52 Girls," "6060-842." "Lava," "Dance This Mess Around" and the classic "Rock Lobster" -- were from The B-52's. The other four -- "Private Idaho," "Devil in My Car," "Runnin' Around" and "Strobe Light" -- appeared on the follow-up, 1980's Wild Planet.

The B-52's, 'Live 8.24.1979' Track Listing

1. "52 Girls (With Intro)"
2. "6060-842"
3. "Lava"
4. "Private Idaho"
5. "Devil in My Car"
6. "Dance This Mess Around"
7. "Runnin' Around"
8. "Rock Lobster"
9. "Strobe Light"

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