Bad Books are back with a new single, ‘It Never Stops,’ a track off of their forthcoming sophomore album, ‘II.' The song, which premiered today (Sept. 19) on AbsolutePunk, is a testament to just how well Kevin Devine and Andy Hull (of Manchester Orchestra) work together, effectively blending Devine’s clever lyrics with an ear-catching alt-pop sound.

The song opens with a quiet, introspective introduction by Devine: “God hid in amphetamine waves / Margaritas and disposable days.” Hull chimes in soon after, and the tune grows rich with tight harmonies as it gains momentum.

Devine’s poetic nature shines throughout the track, his words evoking vivid images, as evidenced by these lyrics: “I bet the future on an ice cream cone / I kept it secret till I took you home / The day split to two sides / You flipped a quarter, said ‘I can't decide, honey it never stops’ / The leaves laughed, the bed burned / I know I want you, but I'm waiting my turn / Honey, it never stops ... no, it never stops.”

In keeping with Bad Books’ signature style, the song touches on dark and deep emotions without sounding the least bit sad. The explosive vocals and chords at the end of the track mask the melancholy embedded in the last lines: “And I knew right there, I could have you but I’d have to share / Honey, it never stops / So we slept, the sun left, I dreamt nothingness in shades of red / Honey, it never, it never stops.”

The new album hits stores on Oct. 9 and is available for pre-order here. Bad Books are also gearing up for a fall tour to promote their new music. Be sure to check out the new single below and let us know what you think.

Listen to ‘It Never Stops’

9 out of 10 rating