A few weeks after dropping a teaser video for their next album, Band of Horses have announced complete details for the disc. Titled 'Mirage Rock,' the band's 'Infinite Arms' follow-up is preceded by first single 'Knock Knock,' a video for which can be seen below. 'Mirage Rock' doesn't drop until Sept. 18, but currently can be pre-ordered via iTunes here.

Although the clip below is a video for 'Knock Knock,' it is not likely the video for the single. It's a cool little clip, what with all the stop-motion effects of a camera traveling through the woods, but no band members actually appear in it, and at the end it announces 'Mirage Rock' -- making us think it's more of a teaser for the album. A proper video for 'Knock Knock' is thus likely forthcoming.

Also available below is the 'Mirage Rock' track listing, including iTunes pre-order bonus track details. That's right, if you order it now, you get an extra track free.

Band of Horses 'Mirage Rock' Track Listing:

1. 'Knock Knock'
2. 'How to Live'
3. 'Slow Cruel Hands of Time'
4. 'A Little Biblical'
5. 'Shut-In Tourist'
6. 'Dumpster World'
7. 'Electric Music'
8. 'Everything's Gonna Be Undone'
9. 'Feud'
10 Long Vows
11 Heartbreak on the 101
12 Ego Nightmare [iTunes pre-order only]

Watch the Band of Horses 'Mirage Rock' Teaser Video Featuring 'Knock Knock'