Band of Horses knew that enlisting veteran producer Glyn Johns to helm their forthcoming 'Mirage Rock' album would be a new and challenging approach, both for his use of old-school recording techniques and his general demeanor in the studio. BOH have documented, in part, their experience working with Johns -- who previously produced everybody from Bob Dylan to the Beatles -- with a behind-the-scenes video showing the making of 'Slow Cruel Hands of Time.' Watch it below.

"That became a really exciting prospect, that we'd probably not be working in the edit-heavy machinery end of modern technology and going back to just punching some tape," frontman Ben Bridwell told Billboard, describing Johns' preference for using analog recording equipment and keeping things simple in the studio.

"He was just incredibly hands-on, and without the benefits of not only technology but also overdoing it with too many other people who aren't in the band," Bridwell added. "He was like, 'That's what you play in the band. Why don't you just play that and we'll keep overdubs to a minimum."

The results speak for themselves, as Band of Horses wound up with an album that sounds unlike anything they've released before. "This is not 'Infinite Arms, Part 2' or 'Everything All the Time, Part 2,' Bridwell said, referring to two of his band's previous offerings. "This is its own project and should be its own beast. If that's what it's calling for, then embrace it and allow those flaws to be celebrated, in a way."

Check Out the 'Slow Cruel Hands of Time' Documentary