Before the year’s out, Baroness will release their fourth full-length, Purple. Today (Nov. 16), they’ve shared “Shock Me,” a second cut from the forthcoming album. Check out the lyric video up above.

Frontman John Baizley said "Shock Me" -- and Purple on the whole -- is a direct response to the band's bus accident following their 2012 effort, Yellow & Green:

Along with the rest of Purple, ‘Shock Me’ represents the net result of an arduous reformation/rehabilitation process following the release of Yellow & Green and the bus accident that nearly ended us. We were unsure three years ago whether we’d be able to be at this point again; and while it hasn’t been a particularly easy road to get back, it is truly thrilling to feel that familiar anxious excitement that comes before we release a new album and to put new music out into the world. We treasure these moments of excitement, as they have taken on a deeper level of significance in recent years.

Purple is due out Dec. 18 via the Savannah, Ga.-based metal outfit's own Abraxan Hymns label. "Shock Me" follows Purple's lead single, "Chlorine & Wine." The band teased the upcoming LP's artwork by slowly unveiling it in fourths, but the cover has since been revealed in full -- take a look below.

Baroness will kick off a tour on Nov. 27 in Columbus, Ohio. From there, they have dates scheduled through Dec. 20, when they’ll play a show in Brooklyn. See a complete itinerary right here.

Abraxan Hymns