Just because Bass Drum of Death released their self-titled second album last summer, it doesn't mean mastermind John Barrett doesn't have more new tricks up his sleeve. Proof of that comes today, as the garage-rock multi-tasker has just released the new single 'Black Don't Glow.' (Listen below.)

Unlike buzzing, frenetic past singles like 'Bad Reputation' and 'Crawling After You,' 'Black Don't Glow' is a bit laid back. The lo-fi quality that Bass Drum of Death is known for remains, but as Barrett slows things down, it makes you want to take your skateboard down Santa Monica Pier as opposed to moshing in the middle of small crowded club.

Whether or not you're into this vibe, it shows another side of the band and the versatility they're capable of. In addition to releasing the single, Bass Drum of Death is heading out on the road. After playing St. Louis on Jan 29, they'll tour the Midwest and East Coast and wrap things up in Jackson, Miss., on Feb. 8.