You probably already know that there have been some cool songs written about Batman over the years. You might even know that tons of great bands in the '60s -- like the Kinks and the Who -- actually covered the theme song from the TV show.

But did you know that there were groups during the era that actually dressed up like the Gotham City crime fighter? And then played music, mostly three-chord garage rock, while dressed as Batman?

There's a whole history of mostly forgotten groups from the '60s with names like the Batmen and the Gotham City Crime Fighter that have paid tribute to the Dark Knight. And artists from the obscure (Mad Inc., Pacers) to the fairly well-known (Jan & Dean, Link Wray) have recorded songs, and sometimes even entire albums, about the Caped Crusader.

We can't say for certain how good (or bad) a lot of these songs are. But we do know that these long-forgotten bands from garage-rock's golden era sure knew how to dress back in the day.

The Batmen 

Battman and the Robbins

Gotham City Crime Fighters

More Gotham City Crime Fighters Action

Robin and the Batmen

The Batmen