The concept behind Batwings Catwings' new 'Energy' video was as simple as the production process. There were no storyboards or even cameras necessary -- just a bunch of Internet memes compiled by guitarist RaySan3rd on his smartphone.

"Basically it's a bunch of GIFs of things that the band is into," drummer Clay Johnson tells

It turns out the L.A. pop-punk quintet is into some pretty awesome stuff. As befits this fuzzy blast of inspirational rock 'n' roll -- dig that "All our energy is in the air!" chorus -- the clip features Power Rangers, pizza, kitty cats, Bill and Ted doing Wyld Stallyns air guitar, Tiffani Amber Thiessen putting the "pow!" in Kapowski and Paul Rudd dancing like a dorkus in 'Clueless,' among other images sure to warm the hearts of folks raised in the '90s.

'Energy' is the third single from Batwings Catwings' excellent 'Whoa' EP, the precursor to a full-length record due out later this year.