A baby busted for Skittle possession, a mysterious bespectacled man and a law-breaking duo on a joyride: This is the cast of characters in L.A. fivesome Batwings Catwings' new 'Whoa' video, premiering today on Diffuser.fm.

"Don't worry about anything, OK? I'm gonna do something really good this time," a father tells his baby at the start of the clip, right before a ragtag team of thieves steal his car … and his child. The video has its fair share of ridiculous moments, but it's also soundtracked by one of the summer's best jams

'Whoa' is a three-chord banger that blasts along with laser-cannon guitars and anthemic cymbal smashery. On their brand-new EP, also titled 'Whoa,' Batwings Catwings prove they can do this brand of pop-punk better than just about anyone.

Check out the video for 'Whoa' below -- and see if you can solve some of the lingering mysteries. Where on earth was that dad going to? How come that baby was arrested? So many questions, so many laughs.

Watch Batwings Catwings 'Whoa' Video

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