The mind is a fascinating -- and terrifying -- place. If you think about it, we're all walking around with thousands of terabytes of information in our heads, constantly processing images and sounds, turning them into memories. Losing all of that valuable internal information would be incredibly sad, wouldn't it?

That's the overarching theme of Bear Language's new album 'Rememory,' an excellent collection of bass-heavy jams that'll make your cerebral cortex crawl around inside that head-drive perched atop your neck. (Stream it here in full on Diffuser.)

The group continues this motif on their latest video, 'Meet Me Outside,' premiering here today. Directed by Nicolas Pesce, the clip takes us through the disturbing minds of a young couple as they try to figure out what's real and what's fantasy. After meeting a mysterious old man, the two find themselves in, well, a deadly situation.

Check out the highly Lychian video below, and put on your tin foil hats -- the government's memory-erasing magnets are pretty strong.

Watch Bear Language's 'Meet Me Outside' Video