Rookie -- the magazine geared toward teenage girls created by wunderkind Tavi Gevinson -- has an ongoing video series called, “Ask a Grown Man.” In each edition, Rookie sources men in music, film, comedy and more to answer the burning questions of its young female readers. The latest guy to step up to the plate is none other than Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz, who closes his video by reminding viewers he’s “the guy from the Beastie Boys.”

You can watch the entire clip above, but here’s a CliffsNotes version: Ad-Rock, who seems only slightly uncomfortable with his role as advice-giving adult (“I have been asked to be a grown up”), answers questions ranging from how to approach a first kiss, a first breakup and how to overcome insecurities.

For the former, Ad-Rock sagely advises, “Go ahead and kiss. Just go ahead and do it.” When it comes to breakups, the ex-Beastie Boy says, “If he’s a cool guy, then just be honest and have the talk.” For the last question, Horovitz acknowledged that he combats his own insecurities by making music, and advised viewers to find what makes them happy and pursue it … that is unless “you’re an actual awful, terrible, like murderer person, then I don’t know what to say; I have no positive advice.”

Finally, when one of Rookie’s readers complained of having to initiate all of the communication with her boyfriend, Ad-Rock gave it to her straight: “I don’t mean to generalize, but I’m going to: Boys are for the most part not very observant or all that together smart for that matter.”

Recently, in another interview, Ad-Rock discussed his post-Beastie Boys work after confirming the band's dissolution without the late Adam Yauch, who passed away in 2012.