SPOILER ALERT: Do not read this if you're planning on going to see Star Trek Beyond  (which you should, by the way, it's excellent) – this story gives away a secret that's much better enjoyed in person. In fact, we're going to put this big poster right here to make sure you know what you're doing..

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Paramount Pictures

Still with us? OK, you've been warned. One of the Beastie Boys' most famous songs, 1994's "Sabotage," helps Captain Kirk, Spock and the fearless crew of the Enterprise save the entire universe during the climactic battle of Star Trek Beyond.

Desperately outgunned and in a rush to save the millions of inhabitants of a Federation starbase from an attack by a massive, swarming fleet of drone warships, the Enterprise crew deduces that this robot army is functioning as a hive mind, So naturally, they figure out a way to hack into their communications system.

The only problem is, they need to play something loud and disruptive to disorient their enemy. Luckily, their new ally Jaylah is a collector of '80s and '90s hip-hop (we see her playing Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" in an earlier scene), and she hits play on "Sabotage," which disrupts the aliens, sends them all to their doom and saves the day in a pretty excellently sequenced battle scene. You'll also be amused to know that Uhura, McCoy and the rest of the gang consider the Beastie Boys "classical" music, which gives us more hope for the future than anything we've seen in the newspapers in months.

"Sabotage" also turned up in 2009's Star Trek – the first of the three movies to feature new alternative universe versions of Kirk, Spock and the Star Trek universe – in the now-famous scene where a young James T. Kirk steals his stepfather's vintage car and drives it off a cliff.

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