Former Beastie Boys member Ad-Rock took to the stand yesterday to explain a few music-business basics to the court. He apparently was tickled by seeing a picture of fellow Beastie Mike D in a sailor's outfit, and had to choke off a laugh.

He was explaining how music endorsements work when he was shown the picture, which is an old ad for Nixon watches. When asked if the person is the picture is Mike D, Ad-Rock apparently replied, "He sure is," according to Billboard.

Yesterday was the first day in court over a Beastie Boys copyright lawsuit. The band is suing Monster Beverage Corp after the manufacturer of huge cans of energy drink posted a 'Beastie Boys Megamix' -- with an "RIP MCA" text -- to YouTube.

This follows the Brooklyn rap group's previous copyright case involving a reworded version of their youthfully misogynistic and intensely catchy tune 'Girls.' A small toy company made a commercial featuring the song, which they changed to empower girls.

And in case you're curious about that picture that almost caused Ad-Rock to bust out in court, here's one of the ads. We don't know if it's the same one, but it made us giggle anyway.

Nixon Watches
Nixon Watches

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