You may hold a grudge against all the tired karaoke-singer and cover-band renditions and the college house parties that dug Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ an early grave. But when you hear — and see the accompanying slideshow by — Glaswegian twee-pop greats Belle & Sebastian's version, you'll discover a newfound appreciation for the rock classic.

The stripped-down performance is full of joy and big smiles, as Stuart Murdoch and company recently performed the Journey classic for patients at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The performance was part of Belle & Sebastian's work with the nonprofit Songs for Kids Organization.

While the Scottish indie-poppers jammed out on acoustic guitars and flutes, they received some extra help from the kids, who banged away on the drums and shook tambourines.

Check out the sweet performance in the clip above — you’ll smile, sing along and maybe even forgive all those other sorry excuses for Journey covers.