Ben Ottewell, singer and lead guitarist for Gomez, has an unmistakable musical style, from his unique guitar-playing to his powerfully raw voice. Between Gomez and his solo efforts, Ottewell has built quite the prolific career, and today (Dec. 3), Diffuser is beyond thrilled to debut a new music video from his latest record, ‘Rattlebag’ -- check out the title track above.

Ottewell unleashed his debut solo LP, ‘Shapes & Shadows,’ in 2011, joining forces with his childhood friend and writing partner, Sam Genders. Because it was such an obviously productive and fruitful relationship, Ottewell teamed up with Genders again for ‘Rattlebag.’

As striking as the studio track is for ‘Rattlebag,' the music video is even more mesmerizing. Animated by Zoe Genders, the video is as dynamic as the song itself, exploring different themes and introducing different characters, all to the beat of Ottewell's captivating music.

“Zoe is a great artist and old friend, so I was really happy she was able to do the video for ‘Rattlebag,’” Ottewell tells us. “She worked with her partner, Danny, to create this excellent video combining old-school stop-motion with digital effects which makes for a really unique piece.”

He goes on, “She’s a really talented paper artist, so her style nicely complemented the look of the ‘Rattlebag’ album cover (done by artist Amy Williams). And the themes of resurrection, salvation and redemption reflect well the content of the song.”

'Rattlebag' is out now via the End Records and is available on CD and digital formats. Get more details on the album here. Ottewell is touring Europe through the end of the year -- check out his full tour itinerary at his official website.

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