We don't mean to boast, but we're pretty sure we offered our best-ever lineup of free MP3 downloads over the past month. Everything from old-school college rock to scrappy pop-punk to atmospheric electronica filled March's playlist. And almost every single one of them was killer. Seriously. We had a hard time paring down 31 awesome tracks to the list that makes up our 10 Best Free MP3 Downloads of March. So start downloading now.

  • The Blank Tapes, 'Coast to Coast'

    We're still a couple of months away from summer weather, but the Blank Tapes are all ready for it. The California group led by Matt Adams makes beach-ready music that's part nostalgic throwback, part indie-rock update. Just add sun.

  • Boy + Kite, 'Fall'

    This Austin group recalls the golden age of college rock, when bands like R.E.M., Let's Active and Yo La Tengo softened their artsy tendencies with lovely melodies. The sparkling 'Fall' comes from Boy + Kite's brand-new EP 'We Can Go Anywhere We Want.'

  • Deaf Club, 'Break It Slow'

    Deaf Club come from the U.K., where they occasionally record in a church. These elements give their music a haunting, ghostly vibe that runs through 'Break It Slow,' a deceivingly airy cut that hits hard once the groove settles into place.

  • Enerate, 'Unstoppable'

    Like Passion Pit and their many disciples these days, Australia's Enerate make bouncy snyth-pop buoyed by frisky falsetto vocals and a springy dance beat perfect for cutting loose. Who cares if it's not all that original? It's way fun.

  • Hollis Brown, 'Walk on Water'

    These New Yorkers recorded their latest album in Nashville, which gives their bluesy indie rock a rustic Americana groove we totally support. 'Walk on Water' is one of the fiercest cuts on their latest album, a Black Keys-biting stomper that breaks a mighty mean sweat.

  • Skies Alive, 'Godspeed'

    Like Fall Out Boy, Skies Alive inject a little bit of soul into their guitar-powered pop-punk songs. There's also a monster hook in 'Godspeed,' which comes from their latest EP, 'Til I Die.' Shortly after its release, the band splintered, with two of the guys forming Crash Bandits.

  • Patrick Stickles, 'Hey Tonight'

    We're huge fans of Patrick Stickles' band Titus Andronicus. On 'Hey Tonight,' he replaces his usual sprawling epic storytelling for a stripped-down cover of a song by his buddies Free Energy. Still, even Stickles' basement recordings take on massive scope by the end.

  • Tartufi, 'Underwater'

    San Francisco's Tartufi make music to be absorbed. Like Animal Collective, they layer their tunes with so many textures, a mere casual listen doesn't do it justice. 'Underwater' unfolds over seven and a half minutes, revealing intriguing new sounds at every twist and turn.

  • Unconditional Arms, 'First Look'

    Talk about ambitious: The American Scene's Jeffrey Wright is putting together a solo album as Unconditional Arms as a gift to his child, who will enter this world in August. The expansive instrumental 'First Look' sounds like the first chapter of an audacious work that will fall together over time.

  • Allison Weiss, 'Nothing Left'

    Singer-songwriter Allison Weiss' new album, 'Say What You Mean,' comes out in a couple of weeks. The great indie-pop burn of 'Nothing Left' recalls Tegan & Sara's synth-driven pop nuggets, rolling forward on a humongous hook that doesn't stop once it starts rolling.