Never let it be said that our music tastes conform to just one sound. This week's playlist is as scattered and irrational as the strange voices in our heads. We've got some electronic pop, something a touch heavy and some other stuff too. Really, the best thing for you is to dive right in and let this week's playlist inside your earholes and seep into your brain.

  • 'Quicksilver'


    All the way from Japan comes Boris with a new track from their upcoming album 'Noise.' It's seven blistering minutes of fuzz riffs and vocals that shift from gnashing growls to lilting melodies effortlessly. New Boris is always cause for excitement, and we're definitely excited. 'Noise' comes out June 17. Until then, just hit repeat on this one a few times.

  • 'Fall in Love (Until the Ribbon Breaks Reimagination)'


    Didn't we already do this one? Well, yes, sort of. We still love the original track from Phantogram. But Pete Lawrie Winfield, who makes music under the moniker Until the Ribbon Breaks, lets the seductive voice of Phantogram singer Sarah Barthel guide the song into much calmer territory, as opposed to the bass-heavy dance track it was originally.

  • 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)'


    Sonny Bono wrote this tune for wife Cher, who recorded it in 1966. Since then, it's been a favorite for other artists to cover. Everyone from Nancy Sinatra (whose version was featured in 'Kill Bill, Vol. I') to Vanilla Fudge has recorded a version. Pharmakon's interpretation is perfect for its time. She makes the bittersweet progression of the song work hard to get through ragged sonic terrain. Listening to Pharmakon sing the sad words over the clipped notes of her synthesizers, it's easy to picture her bleeding and dragging herself through some harsh alien landscape.

  • 'Nashville'

    Old 97's

    Old 97's have been working hard for many years now. Despite highly relatable, clever lyrics and harmonies that beg for everyone to join in, they still haven't broken through to the mainstream yet. But luckily, they're still alive and kickin'. While we wait for the new album, 'More Messed Up,' to come out on April 29, we've got a few tracks to listen to. 'Nashville,' a real s--kicker of a song, is the newest track to come out before the album.

  • 'Where I'm From'


    This track is simple and easy to listen to, a quiet number marked by picked acoustic guitar and soft, train-on-the-tracks snare. 'Where I'm From' harkens back to the AM Gold hits of the '70s. The band's next album, 'The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett,' comes out April 22.