Ah, sweet summertime — the beaches, the road trips, the cookouts and, yes, the music. It’s a season for relaxing and catching some rays, and amid all the lounging, there exists an almost universal need to find the perfect songs to soundtrack our most beloved summer activities. That’s why the search for the best song of the summer is a time-honored tradition. Each year, we look for those joyous, addictive tunes you can play in the car with the windows down or blast at late-night parties with a cold beer in hand.

But for hardcore music fans, it's about more than merely pondering summer jams. 'Tis the season for getting sunburned while waiting to see your favorite summer festival acts, reading rock 'n' roll books at the beach and combing the Internet for the coolest covers of ‘Get Lucky.’ (Face it, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it.) Our Best of Summer 2013 poll questions take into account all of this and more, so vote below and tell us how you've spent the season.

Provided you're not too busy surfing or or barbecuing or doing things that don't involve sitting in front of a computer, you can vote once per hour before polls close at 11:59PM EST on Aug. 24. At the end, we'll tally it all up and report back with an end-of-summer recap.

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