It’s been a few months since Better Than Ezra released their eighth album, ‘All Together Now’ -- which was also the New Orleans-based outfit’s first LP in five years since 2009’s ‘Paper Empire.’ Frontman Kevin Griffin has been hard at work on a solo tour, but recently, the whole trio made an appearance at Pandora’s 'Whiteboard Sessions' to perform album single, ‘Gonna Get Better.’ Watch the stripped-down, acoustic performance in the video above.

In an our recent interview, Griffin said he wrote the single with new fans and radio play in mind.

“With this record, the motivation was to reinvent the band – try to reach an audience that we haven’t before, or we haven’t in a very long time,” the singer-songwriter said. “So, from the get go, two years ago, the songwriting started for this ... some of them were going for radio; I do a lot of songwriting for artists outside of the band, and you always get asked to write the single — when you’re lucky.”

“So that’s what we were doing for Better Than Ezra, something that could get us on the radio, knowing it would probably be Hot AC [Adult Contemporary]," Griffin continued. "We kind of went with that, started off with that intent, songs like ‘Crazy Lucky’ and ‘Gonna Get Better.’”

Griffin will continue his solo tour through February, making 10 stops in all. Get all of the details on his itinerary here.

‘All Together Now’ is out now on the End Records -- grab it via iTunes.