We missed Beverly's album-release show in Brooklyn over the weekend, but we were lucky enough to catch their encore last night, playing as part of a lineup that also featured Brooklyn supergroup LODRO and Seattle psych-rockers Night Beats.

Beverly ran through a quick set of songs from their new record, 'Careers' – a mix of chord changes and melodies that snake like vapor trails on a bed of sludgy bass. Meanwhile, fans nodded as the venue took on that overheated rock 'n' roll feeling so familiar to NYC concertgoers in the summertime.

Beverly formed last year as a collaboration between Drew Citron and Frankie Rose, but Rose doesn't play with the group anymore – leaving Citron free to lead a new four-piece from the front. According to Citron, last night's gig was only the band's third show together. They more than kept it together in the oppressive heat of the tiny venue, most thoroughly with an anthemic take on 'You Can't Get It Right,' one of the finest cuts on the new album.

Word on the street is that Citron is soon heading to Europe to play a few gigs with her other band, Avan Lava. But Beverly are good for at least one more summer NYC show (on July 19 at Death By Audio), with murmurs about more summer shows to be announced.

You can stream Beverly's new album on YouTube. And check out our Instagram photos from last night: