Joe Galarraga is cracking up. He can neither remember the past nor muster much hope for the future, but that's OK, because he fronts the killer NYC rock 'n' roll band Big Ups, and that lets him get onstage, wrap a mic chord around his fist and scream out songs like 'Goes Black,' the seemingly cathartic lead single from the foursome's forthcoming debut, 'Eighteen Hours of Static.'

Today, the band has partnered with Noisey to unveil a video for 'Goes Black,' and the frantic performance clip finds the fellas turning the lights out, getting dangerous and entertaining a roomful of kids similarly stricken with restless energy. If Big Ups are half as effective in the studio as they are on the stage, you'll want to grab 'Eighteen Hours of Static' when it drops on Jan. 18 via Dead Labour.