In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Green Day frontman and mastermind, Billie Joe Armstrong, opens up about what the induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year means to him. Spoiler: He's freaking excited.

“For me, rock and roll is not an outdated term. To me, it means freedom ... it’s just the most liberating thing in the world ... the fact that we’re getting recognized for it in the company we have, it’s just an incredible feeling,” Armstrong tells Andy Greene.

It's hard to believe, but Green Day have been a band for 25 years -- Armstrong says, “It’s unique that we started so young. It’s almost freakish.” The rocker explains that bassist Mike Dirnt was just 16 years old, and he was 17, when they put out their first EP, ‘1,000 Hours.’

And as you might expect, the reality of the induction is still settling in with the band members. “We’re all in a surreal state right now,” Armstrong humbly admits.

Check out the entire interview with the mag here; Armstrong talks about Joan Jett, whether or not the band will be performing at the induction ceremony, and what the new year might hold in terms of recording new Green Day music (“I want to make sure everyone’s head is in the right place and wants to start doing it again”).

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