In a recent interview with SF Weekly, cat-loving Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan reiterated his disdain for CNN and Anderson Cooper's handling of their 'RidicuList' segment on him, mocking his appearance on the cover of 'PAWS Chicago.'

In the interview, Corgan claims that CNN did not know the facts before they bashed him and said he was "off his alternative" game.

He claims that if they bothered to look into the cause, they would have known that the cover was for charity and things would have been different. "You are literally the piñata of the day, which is why the Anderson Coopers don’t stand for anything," said Corgan. "They’re nothing more than ambulance chasers. And the great irony that in a four-day cycle, he interviewed the Foo Fighters, then tore into me for being on the cover of a cat magazine. Foo Fighters, value; Billy, piñata. But the more people who treat me like a piñata, the more strength I have."

At a recent show, Corgan supplied 'F--k You Anderson Cooper' t-shirts at his merch table as a jab back at the journalist.

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