Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan warned fans against coming under the influence of “the psychopathic leanings on the mob” in a reflective new Instagram post.

These recent comments may have been inspired by his recent public spat with former bassist D’Arcy Wretzky ahead of the band’s reunion without her.

“The most dangerous things in the world are a free mind, a free heart, and free will,” he wrote. “Society, or culture (which aren't always the same, mind you) defines itself through a collective consensus. But far too often throughout history the psychopathic leanings of the mob have been dead wrong. So it isn't surprising that the mob uses itself to justify an ill-logic, turning inward to ask, 'Aren't we right in our feeling/belief/suspicion?' (cue loud, guttural cheer).

“And by extension that same mob hates, and I do mean hate, that which it cannot control. For the existence of any contrarian symbol, be it man, woman, bird, or falling duck is that which the mob identifies as threat to its so-called hegemony. So they endeavor to stamp that virus out, only to target the next most dangerous elemental force, and the next, and the next. Continuing on forever until like a snake eating it's own tale [sic], there are simply no more witches to burn.”

He accompanied his comments with a picture of a wrist carrying the emblem of a circle with a line through it. He didn’t offer an explanation, although the emblem could refer to the international prohibition sign or the mathematical “empty set,” meaning an information field that contains no elements.

Corgan speculated that, had he “gone along to get along” in his life, things might have “gone different, or better, or more brightly.” He said he’d endured a “struggle with the question of how one can both oppose that which attempts to destroy you all while participating in it's mad game.” “So note that which opposes your dream and like myself you will detect the stench of the crowd, furious that anything so weak as a lone individual should refuse their math: 2 + 2 equals 5,” he said.

He added a message to those who thought his message was a complaint: “It is not. My heart is free. I am smiling. And I love God. The ramblings of a madman being not far from the laughter of a child. So God bless you in finding your own rainbows.”

The Smashing Pumpkins are planning to release two EPs with new music before the Shiny and Oh So Bright reunion tour starts in July.

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