Yes, the Smashing Pumpkins' shiny headed head honcho Billy Corgan is still making headlines with his interviews, and this time, he touched on just about everything from the Ferguson riots and 9/11 to Anderson Cooper and the Illuminati.  The interview took place on the radio show, 'The Alex Jones Show,' a conspiracy theory-focused program -- and apparently a personal favorite of Corgan's.

Corgan and Jones barely touched on the Pumpkins' new album, 'Monuments to an Elegy,' which was the supposed point of the interview. They instead made note of their current state of being "awake" to conspiracy theories and what really goes on in the world (in their eyes).  “We have to see what’s happening,” said Corgan. “If there are nefarious forces at work, they are willing to use our humanity against us. They don’t care about people taking vaccines with horrible things in them. They don’t care about autism rates.” He also made mention of the new album's drummer, Tommy Lee, who is also apparently "awake."

They also talked about the ridiculous possibility of the CIA targeting Corgan for assassination, just like they supposedly did with John Lennon.  Corgan's response was, “Most totalitarian governments kill the artists second -- they kill the weakest first, then they kill the strongest.” You can watch and listen to the rest of the nearly 40-minute interview below: