Billy Corgan has never been one to mince words, and now, days after his rant on the current state of music during his SXSW appearance coined ‘The End of Business As Usual’ where he emphatically stated that rock 'n' roll had been “taken over by posers,” Corgan’s making it known that if reality TV came calling, he’s still willing to pick up the phone and listen. In a recent interview with Spinner, the Smashing Pumpkins visionary was honest and open, saying that if ‘American Idol,’ ‘X Factor’ or the like offered him a judging position, he’d “love it.”

It’s important to point out that Corgan never fully blamed the TV-based music competitions as the downfall of the industry, stating, “it's not 'Idol' that's the problem, but society's inability to culturally offset the effect of those shows on the music industry.” He went even further adding, an example of his thought process, saying, “If there's an 'American Idol' there should be a proper alternative counterbalance -- if there was hair metal, there was grunge, know what I mean?"

So with that in mind, would Corgan be the “proper alternative counterbalance” to say, Jennifer Lopez? He’s got our vote. Hey, if ‘America’s Got Talent’ scored Howard Stern, why can’t ‘American Idol’ raise the bar with Billy Corgan? With Corgan donning the judging cap who knows what new musical unknowns might just get discovered.

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