Few Hollywood blockbusters pack such a pleasantly unexpected rock 'n' roll cameo as Billy Idol's turn in the Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler romantic comedy 'The Wedding Singer,' in which the British punk star plays himself. Idol turns up near the end of the movie in his '80s spiked hairdo and leather jacket as Sandler's character, trying to win over Barrymore one last time, buys a first-class ticket on her flight.

After telling Idol and his fellow first-class passengers about his romantic pursuit, Sandler serenades Barrymore with a song over the plane's intercom, while a sympathetic Idol prevents Barrymore's fiancee from interrupting. When the guy threatens Idol, a biker steps up and pushes him out of the scene. Even in romantic comedies, it's best not to mess with Billy Idol.




Watch Billy Idol's Cameo in 'The Wedding Singer'

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