Billy Idol's mid-'80s album Vital Idol was a rarity in the rock world: a collection of dance floor-friendly remixes.

Now he's revisiting the concept with Vital Idol: Revitalized, which is coming out on Sept. 28.

Idol isn't reissuing the original LP; instead, he's giving a 21st century touch to some of his best-loved songs through remixes by various EDM producers.

He's also changed around the track listing. There's no "Love Calling," and "Mony Mony" is available only as a digital bonus track in a new version by Idol and longtime collaborator Steve Stevens.

Those tracks have been replaced by a Moby remix of "(Do Not) Stand in the Shadows," Paul Oakenfold's take on "One Breath Away," Tropkillaz's reworking of "Eyes Without a Face and Shiba San's remix of "Don't Need a Gun."

Another bonus track, the Lost Dog remix of "Save Me Now," was created by a team that includes Idol's son Willem Wolfe. You can listen to RAC's remix of "Dancing With Myself" below.

In addition to the CD, Vital Idol: Revitalized will also be released on two LPs, with black vinyl and limited-edition colored vinyl arriving Nov. 16. You can check out the track listing below.

Billy Idol, 'Vital Idol: Revitalized' Track Listing
1. "White Wedding" (CRAY Remix)
2. "Dancing With Myself" (RAC Remix)
3. Eyes Without a Face (Tropkillaz Remix)
4. "Rebel Yell" (The Crystal Method Remix)
5. "(Do Not) Stand in the Shadows" (Moby Remix)
6. "Flesh for Fantasy" (St. Francis Hotel Remix)
7. "Catch My Fall" (Juan Maclean Remix)
8. "One Breath Away" (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
9. To Be a Lover (DJDS Remix)
10. "Don’t Need a Gun" (Shiba San Remix)
11. "Hot in the City" (Shotgun Mike Remix)

Digital Bonus Tracks
12. "Mony Mony" (Idol/Stevens Remix)
13. "One Breath Away" (Paul Oakenfold Extended Remix)
14. "(Do Not) Stand in the Shadows" (Moby Remix) (Half Time Version)
15. "Save Me Now" (Lost Dog Remix)

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