Tour riders are useful things -- when a band is on the road, they they basically inform the venue what the members require to get ready for the show. From food and of course alcohol to simple comforts like clean socks, riders are a logical way to make sure the talent is happy before it hits the stage.

But ever since Van Halen famously asked on their mid-'80s rider for a bowl of M&M candies with all of the brown-shelled ones removed, sometimes riders have been known to take on a bizarre twist. Pop stars and hip-hoppers are known for their lavish lifestyles and that often translates into equally excessive riders, but earnest indie rockers and alternative stars aren't always immune to the lure of the bizarre rider request.

What follows is a tally of some of the most bizarre tour rider requests we came across. What do you think? Are these demands a bit excessive and strange, or just things that eccentric rock stars deserve before they hit the stage?