Based in Seattle, the psychedelic pop rockers known as Black Whales are gearing up for their second full-length album, 'Through the Prism, Gently,' out on Nov. 11. Laden with their now signature sound -- which stems from a vast world of influences -- Black Whales have created a record full of powerful and anthemic tunes, doused in their dark and brooding psych sounds. Today (Nov. 6), we're are excited to premiere the new single from the LP, 'Avalon.' Check it out in the audio player below.

With Black Whales, and 'Avalon' in particular, it's hard to put your finger on what that signature sound actually is -- but in under three and a half minutes, the band creates a sonic landscape that's easy to get lost in, taking the listener on a journey that follows the dynamic flow of the music.

"The songs we like the most are the ones that take you somewhere in your memory or imagination," the band tells us. "Songs mean whatever they mean to the writer, but that's way less important than where the listener gets to go."

With 'Avalon,' the band says it was first recorded as a demo with scratch vocal tracks. "We went into the studio and did the drums and rhythm guitar," they explain. "We built all the other instruments up around the sound of the drums and vocal harmonies. The looping sounds in the background were all recorded in different rooms -- we wanted the rooms to be as much a part of the sound as the different instruments and people."

"Ours is obviously a different song," they go on, "but we wanted to have a song that was really simple, repetitious, that takes the listener back to hearing Roxy Music's 'Avalon.' It's a mild love letter to Roxy Music, saying 'See you there.'"

Black Whales have one show scheduled right no for Nov. 29 at Seattle's Tractor Tavern. To stay up to date with everything happening with the band -- and for details on 'Through the Prism, Gently' -- head over to their official website here.