Blink-182 have never been much for subtlety, but guitarist-vocalist Tom DeLonge has recently hinted that the legendary pop-punk trio have something big planned for this weekend's Reading and Leeds Festivals.

The band are set to headline the U.K. event for the second time in their career, and DeLonge told NME that fans in attendance should expect the unexpected. "We're going to play some songs off our last EP, songs that we haven't played in Europe," he said. "That came out at the end of 2012, so we'll do that, and then we'll play a lot of the classics, but we'll have something special that we haven't played for a long, long time that we've brought back and people are going to love that."

DeLonge also said nobody should get their hopes up to hear any brand new music from their upcoming album yet thanks to that ocean of camera phones they'll be facing. "We don't play stuff that's not released," he said. "We'd rather a nice version of the song be the first that's out, a good-sounding version. And we can't premiere a new song now because it'll be filmed on camera phones and then all over YouTube and suddenly that's the version that everyone knows. We want them to hear the version that we spent time on."

Meanwhile, two of the guys have buckled under the pressure of the ubiquitous Ice Bucket Challenge. Bassist-vocalist Mark Hoppus chose to do it onstage in front of thousands of fans while drummer Travis Baker did it in the privacy of a hotel bathroom. Check out both below.

Mark Hoppus -- Ice Bucket Challenge

Travis Barker -- Ice Bucket Challenge