A song from Blood Orange and Nelly Furtado’s collaborative tape Hadron Collider has surfaced online.

Last month, Blood Orange (aka Dev Hynes) hosted a pair of charity shows at the Apollo in Harlem, and they played out like a reunion between Hynes and his frequent collaborators and friends. The shows included a string of special guest appearances from the likes of Solange, Ratking and Nelly Furtado. Hynes and Furtado even went on step further, teaming up on the limited-edition cassette Hadron Collider, which was only available to those in attendance at the NYC shows. Lucky for us, the title track is now available for streaming.

Furtado delivers a sweetly somber performance (“We should be dancing with the angels / A thousand halos in the sky / But we’re too far from heaven,” she sings) atop Hynes’ trademark slick R&B production chops. Take a listen below (via Disco Naiveté):

Hynes released his most recently full-length Cupid Deluxe in 2013. He’s since issued a few one-off singles, including “Sandra’s Smile” and “Do You See My Skin Through the Flames?

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