Following their debut EP, 'Days of Echo,' and first full-length, 'Unaka Rising,' the Chattanooga, Tenn.-based rockers Bohannons are preparing for their latest endeavor, 'Black Cross. Black Shield,' set for release in January via This Is American Music. Today, Diffuser is beyond excited to premiere a taste of what's to come with the brand-new music video for 'Red, White, Black and Pale.' Check it out above.

Opening with a beautiful mess of rock and roll, Bohannons’ ‘Red, White, Black and Pale’ is a track that commands your attention; it's not merely background noise. And with the accompanying music video, the band set out to make an even more attention-grabbing visual experience.

Watching the video, the dark undertones of the song are beautifully and eerily brought to life. Talking about 'Red, White, Black and Pale,' frontman Marty Bohannon simply says, “The book of Revelation. Wow. The constant threat of doomsday prophets and internet soothsayers.”

He expands on those thoughts: “If these are the end times, I say bring them on and let this song usher the horses down. We were lucky to get Jimbo Mathus to lay down harmonica on this and it really is the thread holding the song together.”

The video itself was directed by Zachary Cooper and edited by Carrie Warren. "Our aim was to merge some apocalyptic imagery with the innocence of childhood," Bohannon tells us. "The [aforementioned] book of Revelation and the four horsemen of the apocalypse are the inspiration behind the video. The score plays out while introducing the riders, or the kids in costumes reenacting the riders' descent from the sky. Much like the album, we wanted to not be too literal about what is going on; some imagery is in there, but mostly, it's a Halloween vibe."

He goes on, "I remember what it was like to be scared as a child -- not only my own imagination, but of the imagination of others. The scene where the kids take their costumes and burn them is kind of based on shedding fear, stripping the clothes someone else dressed you in and destroying them."

To stay up-to-date with everything happening in Bohannons' world -- and to get details on the upcoming record -- make sure to bookmark the band's official website.

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