The members of British band Bombay Bicycle Club say they usually don't get along with other groups - not because they're arrogant or unfriendly, but because they simply lack basic social skills.

Vocalist Jack Steadman tells NME that the group's current tour with Elbow is a rare exception. "We don't usually get on with bands that well, but we're really getting on well with Elbow," he says. "We're just really awkward people. We're just so bad at socializing. I think it always comes across as rude, but actually we just find it hard and are a bit stupid in that aspect. We never mean any harm."

Steadman continues, "I think if you sit us down individually, then we'd be fine and really engaging. But when we're together as a group, it just falls apart."

Steadman's revelation is a bit sad, but don't lose too much sleep for the band. Bombay Bicycle Club's last two albums, including 2011's 'A Different Kind of Fix,' both reached the Top 10 in their home country. The band has a slew of European tour dates lined up through the end of August.