U2 frontman Bono takes on the role of an existential drug guru named Dr. Robert in 'Across the Universe,' a 2007 musical set in 1960s America with a plot revolving around various Beatles songs. In the movie, some of the lead characters (played by Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Dana Fuchs and others) drink LSD-laced punch at a book event for Dr. Robert, who takes them for a ride on his "Beyond" bus and channels John Lennon for a performance of 'I Am the Walrus.'

'Across the Universe' snagged one nomination each from the Golden Globes (Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy) and the Academy Awards (Costume Design), but didn't win either. Regardless, Bono received praise for his turn as a counterculture icon.

Watch Bono's Cameo in 'Across the Universe'