Even a world-famous rock star humanitarian can end up being the butt of a neighborhood joke from time to time — especially when he's also the owner of a peahen that's been pooping on people's lawns.

U2 frontman Bono discovered this uncomfortable truth the hard way on June 22, 2011, when he unintentionally made headlines after one of his neighbors called local law enforcement to report that his pet bird had made its way into her garden. As she told the Irish Independent, she was somewhat surprised by the police reaction.

"They said, 'Oh for God's sake, it's Bono's,' and I said, 'What will I do with it?' and they said, 'I don't know, you can do what you want with it.' I replied, 'Well, supposing I kill it and put it in the oven?' and he actually said, 'I don't care,'" alleged south Dublin resident Susan McKeon. "He said to me that they had put too many man-hours into Bono's peacock."

McKeon's report unleashed a flood of reports from local residents who said they'd had similar experiences with the bird, which was said to be a gift from the singer to his wife. One woman, identifying herself as Pauline McSweeney, described getting the same response from the police — and waiting out her uninvited guest's visit.

"It was there for about two days and then left," said McSweeney. "It went into my neighbor's house next door and left a lovely message for her on the lawn."

As the U.K.'s Daily Mail tabloid noted in its own report, Bono's Killiney enclave is one of Ireland's more exclusive communities, which helps explain why his neighbors — and the police — seemed less than star-struck when dealing with the bird. Of course, it also didn't help that, as McKeon pointed out, the peahen wasn't much to look at.

"It had a tiny head and a huge body," she told the Independent. "It was actually quite ugly, but I don't think it's fully grown."

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