Bono is already a large public figure, and his daughter, actor Eve Hewson, apparently thinks he's big enough. Hewson -- who's been in movies alongside acting heavyweights like Sean Penn, James Gandofini and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss -- spoke with W magazine recently.

In the interview, she mentioned that her famous eye-wear-enthusiast father confided to her his desire to jump into the acting pool with her. She said that he asked, "What do you think of me being in a movie with Beyonce?" Her response? A cold-blooded "Stick to your day job!" Aw, that's not nice.

Hewson has been preparing for an upcoming role in a Cinemax miniseries called 'The Knick,' acting alongside 'Children of Men' star and all-around English stud Clive Owen. She's playing a nurse set in a hospital in the early 1900s. In the interview, she also mentioned her intense fear of blood. She's probably going to have to get over that for this role.

Here's a video of her dad doing what he does best: