Seventeen-year-old songstress Nina Ferraro, aka Bonzie, is still quite green, as most teenagers in any field would be. But even after a mere two releases in her catalog -- 'The Promise EP' and an impressive, impending debut album, 'Rift Into the Secret Things' -- she's carved out a clear voice and mature persona for herself.

The Chicago lady's first single from her forthcoming full-length is 'Data Blockers', a calculated, thoughtful narrative ripe with warm yet sorrowful keys and a thick vocal tone developed for what would seemingly be years longer than Nina could possibly have been singing.

"The first and second halves of 'Data Blockers' seem like opposites to a lot of people, but they were never separate," Bonzie says. "I wrote it as one piece. 'Data Blockers' is the first song off 'Rift Into The Secret Of Things,' and I thought the album should open with something that would lay all the cards out on the table. Something that sprawls out and has body, mass."

Bonzie only has room to grow. Watch her do so here.

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