Bored Nothing's soaking-wet garage fuzz will pull you in like a montage in any classic movie. Lost soul Fergus Miller's perpetually bored state of wandering Australia truly comes out in his haunting chant and muddy, atmospheric guitar tone. You see, Miller was basically homeless during the years it took him to write his self-titled debut album, out now on Spunk Records.

Today we're offering up his single 'Let Down,' a "f---ed-up on-purpose" grunge ballad from the heart of a vagabond, as our free daily MP3 download.

"‘Let Down’ ended up sounding uncharacteristically big compared to my other recordings, I think from all the effects and loud guitars," Miller told "The drum track is a bit boring -- not to mention out-of-time -- 'cause I just made it with a guitar pedal and a microphone, but it kinda drags along with the bass line in a nice way."

It remains to be seen whether or not Miller will wander over to America on his journey, but you can keep up with him here.

free mp3 download

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