Back in 1985, when canary-yellow trenchcoats were kind of a thing, music legends and Dudes Who Should Have Known Better David Bowie and Mick Jagger teamed up to record a charity single for the Africa famine relief concert Live Aid.

Their cover of the Martha and the Vandellas classic 'Dancing in the Streets' -- rush-recorded and accompanied by an even more half-assed, zero-budget music video -- has since become one of the more amazing pop culture artifacts of the '80s, and one of the more glaring off-the-reservation moments in the otherwise illustrious careers of its two creators.

But as silly as the original 'Dancing in the Streets' video is, it's still not nearly as hilarious as the music-free version created by the comic genius behind the Musicless Music Videos series. By replacing the original soundtrack with the awkward sounds of grunting, foot shuffling and the occasional belch, they've managed to make the '80s versions of Bowie and Jagger even more ridiculous than they already were.

For comparison purposes, here's the original "Dancing in the Streets" video. Still ridiculous, but at least Jagger and Bowie could still belt it out pretty good back in those days.

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