It looks like the Boxer Rebellion's new 'Keep Moving' video was inspired by Wes Anderson's 2012 art house film, 'Moonrise Kingdom.'

Sure the references are loose, but the focus on a young person going through the woods and trying to set up a home is a bit reminiscent of the indie flick. Viewers go on a journey with a little girl who's bundled up but has clearly gone through some rough times as she's covered in soot. With beautiful shots of the wilderness and messages in bottles floating in a bubbling brook, she finds an old toy monkey that plays cymbals.

She journeys forward with the toy and eventually falls down and hurts herself. While she does writhe in pain, she manages to put attach a note to the monkey and send it on its way. We're not sure where it goes, but it seems to set off sparks, a paper explosion and other spectacles. The video the girl is running away, probably continuing on with her journey to wherever she needs to go.

'Keep Moving' is the latest single off the band's recent release, 'Promises,' which dropped in May.